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Overwhelmed by the daily grind? Discover how Laminin Coaching’s expert strategies and dedicated remote personnel can streamline your operations and help you reclaim your personal time.

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You are not alone

Do you find yourself buried under administrative tasks, struggling to delegate, and missing out on personal time due to your business’s demands? You’re not alone. Many construction business owners face these exact challenges, feeling trapped in a cycle of overcapacity and inefficiency.

The Stakes

In the relentless pace of the construction industry, operating at overcapacity is a ticking time bomb for both your business’s sustainability and your personal well-being. The longer you push the limits without strategic support and streamlined processes, the closer you edge toward burnout, missed opportunities, and compromised quality of work.

Laminin Coaching offers a lifeline. With our tailored coaching and specialized remote personnel, we address the core issues head-on. We provide the support you need to focus on what only you can do—growing your business.

Remote Personnel

These are the positions most commonly onboarded to clients but not the only ones. Each position is tailored to your specific needs.

Executive Assistant

They’re not just support; they’re your operational backbone, streamlining tasks from email management to strategic planning. They become your chief of staff, handling both business and personal tasks to enhance efficiency and work-life balance.

Project Admins

Designed to keep your construction projects on track, our Project Admins manage documentation, update project management software, and ensure every detail is complete and current. They’re the linchpin of project efficiency, freeing your team to focus on execution and excellence

Estimating Assistant

Our Estimating Assistants specialize in gathering key project data, performing detailed takeoffs, and preparing comprehensive estimates. They streamline the prep work, allowing your estimators to focus on finalizing bids with precision.

How it Works

1. Identify and Define

We start by identifying the key roles within your company and listing out all the tasks they’re burdened with.

2. Strategize and Delegate

Next, we pinpoint tasks that can be offloaded to our skilled remote personnel, setting up systems for accountability and efficiency.

3. Implement and Enjoy

With our team taking the reins on your administrative load, you’ll see rapid improvements in efficiency and work-life balance.

Executive Coaching

Laminin’s Coaching is built on real-world experience from a founder who’s lived the challenges of the construction industry. This unique background ensures our coaching is practical and directly applicable, focusing on increasing capacity and streamlining operations. Drawing from our own journey to efficiency, we offer actionable strategies for effective delegation, technology adoption, and team optimization. With Laminin, you’re not just getting advice; you’re getting a proven roadmap to success from someone who’s been in your exact position.

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What Our Clients Say

“Chad Gill is not just a coach who talks a good game but actually runs a thriving concrete business with employees and headaches.  He is a business owner and a peer who relates to us as business owners and walks his talk as he tries all of the recommendations on his business before he recommends anything to us. If you overlay that with his keen sense of humor and ability to stay calm under pressure you have a pretty amazing accountability partner who walks the journey of getting a business under control. Would recommend Chad Gill to anyone looking to get freedom from a disorganized business!”

Alex Lugovoy
Owner of Dobrin Properties

“Chad Gill is an amazing guy. The first time he mentioned this coaching thing to me and a remote assistant I really gave it little thought. However now that I have hired Chad and his team and a new personal assistant it has been great. It has only been 2-1/2 months and so far and things are going great. Chad and his team have been able to customize his app to everything I need. With Chad and his team and my new personal assistant Jenette I have so much more time to focus on more important things and have had a lot more free time to be with family rather than being in the office. I believe it will just get better over the next 2-3 months.”

Sean Moore
Owner of Moore Framing

“After being through countless seminars and coaches in my rapid climb, few stand out like Chad Gill. From sharing a forum in the Entrepreneurial Organization to direct calls, the depth of Chad’s insights was obvious. He’s not just another coach; Chad is the embodiment of entrepreneurial prowess. If you’re serious about leveling up, stop the endless searching and lock him in NOW. Genuine game-changers like him don’t wait around.”

Tommy Bettin
Owner of Fred Astaire Richmond

Our Purpose

Laminin Coaching revolutionizes construction business management by combining expert executive coaching with specialized remote support. Our services are crafted to tackle the unique challenges of the construction industry, offering a pathway to enhanced efficiency and leadership growth. With our support, from executive assistants to estimating and project admins, you can focus on what truly matters: driving your business forward and achieving a balanced life. Let Laminin Coaching guide you to operational excellence and redefine your success.

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