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We help our clients achieve their personal and business goals by providing with technological and virtual solutions, one-on-one training, and hiring assistance.


Welcome to the World of Laminin Coach! It’s where bosses get to breathe again and where their professional schedule becomes better organized. It’s also where employees can become more communicative, accountable, and productive.

 “There aren’t enough hours in the day”, “Whose job was this supposed to be?” Here’s the good news if you’ve ever muttered those words: You’re on the verge of ending these constant pain points.


Weekly coaching sessions
Unlimited asynchronous communication (text, videochat, whatsapp)
Accountability and KPI tracking
Recon Cloud based software setup & implementation
Job posting, Testing and interviewing of remote candidates
HR Support, Onboarding and training of remote employees

Executive Assistant

We have developed a process for recruiting, filtering, hiring and onboarding staff for our clients. Most Think Alfred, Friday or Moneypenny, EA's are the one of the most underutilized and misunderstood positions for entrepreneurs.

An executive or personal assistant can leverage your capabilities and free you attention so you can work on those tasks only you can do. Their goal is to get you home at the end of the day, on time, and not feeling bone-tired when you get there. Hiring an executive assistant means investing in yourself – you are the company! 

Remote Staffing - Recruit the World

We have developed a process for recruiting, filtering, hiring and onboarding staff for our clients. Most importantly however is our approach to identifying what in you firm is the right role to support in this manner. Again, this is not about replacing existing employees, our process targets multiplying their effectiveness and improving their job life quality.

Process Documentation

This is comprehensive review of your current practices and a test run of new approaches. This is often a valuable learning experience for business owners that allows a playbook to be written and edited, cementing the absolute best of your company’s practices.

This “document” can then become a reliable checklist that indicates the right way to do things and who should be doing them. Process documentation can also be immensely valuable in improving training, aiding in company expansion or handover, and making reproducible results much easier to provide.


Our Clients say

"Chad Gill is not just a coach who talks a good game but actually runs a thriving concrete business with employees and headaches.  He is a business owner and a peer who relates to us as business owners and walks his talk as he tries all of the recommendations on his business before he recommends anything to us. If you overlay that with his keen sense of humor and ability to stay calm under pressure you have a pretty amazing accountability partner who walks the journey of getting a business under control. Would recommend Chad Gill to anyone looking to get freedom from a disorganized business!"

Alex Lugovoy

Owner of Dobrin Properties 

"Chad Gill is an amazing guy. The first time he mentioned this coaching thing to me and a remote assistant I really gave it little thought. However now that I have hired Chad and his team and a new personal assistant it has been great. It has only been 2-1/2 months and so far and things are going great. Chad and his team have been able to customize his app to everything I need. With Chad and his team and my new personal assistant Jenette I have so much more time to focus on more important things and have had a lot more free time to be with family rather then being in the office. I believe it will just get better over the next 2-3 months."

Sean Moore

Owner of Moore Framing

"After being through countless seminars and coaches in my rapid climb, few stand out like Chad Gill. From sharing a forum in the Entrepreneurial Organization to direct calls, the depth of Chad's insights was obvious. He's not just another coach; Chad is the embodiment of entrepreneurial prowess. If you're serious about leveling up, stop the endless searching and lock him in NOW. Genuine game-changers like him don't wait around."

Tommy Bettin

Owner of Fred Astaire Richmond

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